(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Overview of SEO
  • Understanding digital marketing scenario and online growth
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Reports and SERP management
  • Content strategies, planning, and optimization
  • On-page & off-page optimization
  • In-depth knowledge of landing pages
  • Google analytics & webmaster
  • Competitors analysis and planning
  • Search engine algorithm and updates
(Social Media Opmtization)
  • Understanding social media platform
  • Importance of SMO
  • Content quality and optimization on social media platforms
  • Overview of branding
  • SM profile, Fan page, group & event creation
  • Reputation management through social media
  • Campaigning and advertisement
  • Landing pages creation and optimization
  • Posts, notes, articles, images understanding
  • Tangent audience
(Pay Per Click)
  • What is PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Understand benefits and scope of paid markeing
  • Direct campaigns v/s branding campaigns
  • Keyword planner and keyword research
  • Understanding broad, exact and phrase keyword
  • Ad group structure and budget setting
  • Bidding, language, and targeted location on settings
  • Ad delivery and Ad rotation
  • Types of targeting
  • Advertiment reporting and analysis
(Online Reputation on Management)
  • Introduction to ORM
  • Scope of ORM
  • Refining and creation of proper content
  • Finding suitable platforms and coverage areas to create & expand the popularity.
  • How to make a brand/person's search ranking among top searched results.
  • To maintain genuine positive image and feedback for the client.
  • Tricks and techniques to write effective content
  • Press release & articles
  • Learn to remove unwanted content & web pages from brand masters
  • Learn to proactively resolve issues and problem before it leads to criticism openly
(Search Engine Marketing)
  • Understanding search engine marketing
  • Campaigning and adverting on Google AdWords
  • Organic and paid results
  • Google adwords account billing setting
  • Improving performance of search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Insight of SEO and PPC
  • Building digital content and content planning
  • Learn link building to establish website credibility etc.
  • Strategic planning with AdWords tools
  • Conversion tracking and campaign optimization
Link Building
  • Overview of link building
  • Types of link building (External & Internal)
  • Link building research and methodology
  • Link popularity
  • Understanding broken or dead links
  • Knowledge of inbound links & outbound links
  • No-follow & do-follow links
  • Link building through multiple channels
  • Content optimization
  • Using link building for SEO
YouTube Marketing
  • Channel creation and customization
  • Account creation
  • Targeting specified audience
  • Building popularity & understanding viral videos strategies
  • High-quality video creation and custom video setting
  • Video updating and submission
  • Campaigning and promotion
  • Title and content enhancement
  • YouTube video magnetization, copyrights & spam