SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO training course

Our pioneering SEO training course in Digital Skills Valley is designed in a way to make you skillful in improving the search engine ranking and visibility of any website organically. With the learning of present-day SEO tools and guidance of specialists in SEO, not only concepts are taught but practical training in various SEO projects will make you thorough in the field.

Outline of the course-

Keyword Research – One of the most crucial parts of SEO is effective keywords research. To find most significant keywords using tools like keyword planner, SEO stack etc. and filtering out suitable keywords for the business.
Domain Selection – Learn to research and opt for the correct and meaningful domain name which will eventually add to the website’s search results and search engine ranking.
Meta Tags optimization – updating and correcting the proper description, keywords, author/holder, country etc.

Complete technical optimization – It includes onsite SEO, off-site SEO, content optimization, link building, social media bookmarking, site architecture, blogging & articles etc.

SEO Strategy and Planning – With holistic approach an effective strategy is necessary for all business whether big or small. With finest technical support & on time work delivery management, learn to plan, execute and maintain the most trusted and operational approaches to SEO.