ORM (Online Reputation Management)

ORM Training courses

ORM Training courses :-  

In an ideal world, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an immensely important process of getting control over what will be reflected when a person searches for any specific name. A proper content and its proper management is what ORM revolves around.

In the detailed ORM Training courses, one will learn various aspects of this field.

  • Refining and preparing proper content as per the target brand/person
  • Finding suitable platforms and coverage areas to create & expand the popularity.
  • How to make a brand/person’s search ranking among top searched results.
  • To maintain genuine positive image and feedbacks for the client.
  • Learn to improve the ranking of web pages by quality content
  • Press release & articles
  • Learn to remove unwanted content & web pages from brand masters
  • Learn to proactively resolve issues and problem before it leads to criticism openly